Are smoothies good for you? And what is LiquidFruit? 🤔

by Ben Kaye

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Are smoothies actually good for you?

Well it’s a tricky one.

So we thought we’d use this article to demystify what our product, LiquidFruit, actually is, and why it is so much better for you than juices or smoothies.

Is juice healthy?

Well it’s a good question.

Juice is essentially the liquid from a fruit. It contains some of the nutrients, a fair amount of sugar, and a limited amount of fibre.

This last point is crucial. Fibre can lower blood sugar and promote weight loss, aid digestion, improve mineral absorption and inhibit the growth of bad bacteria

TL;DR: fibre is king!

As an example: what happens to cholesterol when you eat an apple or apple juice?

• With a whole apple —> your cholesterol drops

• With clear apple juice —> your cholesterol rises

• With cloudy apple juice —> your cholesterol drops but not as much as a whole apple (because there is some fibre but not all of it)

You can read more about it in the European Journal of Nutrition if you want!

So juice provides a very limited amount of nutrition when compared to a piece of fruit.

So the natural option to consume more fibre would be to drink smoothies?

What are smoothies and are they good for you?

But the issue is that smoothies are “pressed” fruit, which is still essentially juicing, with the fruit pressed to extract the liquid. Then a small amount of fruit is crushed up at the end to give it that thicker texture.

You can read about what Harvard Medical School has to say about it here.

So smoothies you buy in a supermarket or online are not able to deliver the fibre you get from fruit. And there are also other nutrients which are only found in whole fruit.

Polyphenols are micronutrients that we get through certain plant-based foods. They're packed with antioxidants and potential health benefits. It's thought that polyphenols can improve or help treat digestion issues, weight management difficulties, diabetes, neurodegenerative disease, and cardiovascular diseases.

80-87% of polyphenols found in fruit cannot be extracted from the fruit itself. Here’s Dr Michael Greger explaining why:

So whilst smoothies do provide some nutrition, there is a limit of how healthy they can ever be when compared to fruit.

So is it possible to drink fruit and not lose any nutrients?

What is LiquidFruit?

So at Well Fruited, we spent a lot of time trying to create a drink where NONE of the nutritional benefits of fruit was lost when turning into a drink.

And that’s how we created LiquidFruit.

It is a drink that contains all of the (edible) fruit so that you don’t lose any of the goodness from eating a piece of fruit. But it allows you to get a variety of fruit into your diet in an easier way.

Plus we even add an extra bit of fibre from citrus fruit to boost the fibre content.

Other than that, the only ingredients are fruit, and water.

And that’s why we call it LiquidFruit.

Because it’s a piece of fruit. But in drink form.

So join the fruit revolution and be one of the first people to try LiquidFruit!

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